RarEdge is a leading recruitment and business consulting services company. We provide a comprehensive range of services,

  • Revenue cycle management
  • Customer Life Cycle management
  • Customized Recruitment & Staffing services
  • Account management strategy
  • Strategic Outsourcing
  • Capability development services
  • Work flows design & automation
  • Change management

Who We Are

RarEdge is the coming together of a team of experts in the fields of HR, Recruitment, Customer service, Learning and Development, Sales and Distribution, Marketing and Business communication consulting across sectors. With a collective experience of over four decades, the core team of RarEdge has worked with the best-known global organizations as well as start-ups, with a proven track record of growth through value-generating processes

RarEdge team members excel in addressing the critical challenges faced by Business & Start up teams during the business & customer life cycle management particularly in the fields of

  • Design Outsourcing of processes
  • Support Change management.
  • Customer life cycle management
  • Define Marketing & Sales strategies
  • Capability Development
  • Recruitment & Staffing
  • Workflow Design & Automation
  • End -2-End Business cycle management

The core team of RarEdge also works with external specialists experienced across industries, resolving various challenges faced during delivery of the right solution to partner clients, ensuring that our customers’ goals are realized.

Our Approach


We stand for growth solutions. We strive for being the perfect fit to diverse partners. That’s what makes us unique as recruitment and staffing experts.

Understand partner/client requirements
Partners share with us requirements &challenges that their organization is facing across a range of areas such as recruiting, staffing, process outsourcing, Skills development, organization change management, Customer retentions & Communication strategies.

Identify key priorities
Our expert teams identify the key priorities aligning it with the business and organizational goals of the partner.

Offer the most fitting solutions
RarEdge offers the most fitting solutions to Partner needs and business requirements. If we do not have a fitting solution within RarEdge, we collaborate with specialist partners to deliver the solution, being a single point contact to our partners.

Dedicated account management
We work on each project with a proactive, focused and strategic approach. This can only be achieved with the help of dedicated account management, We provide dedicated people who work with specific clients through out the Change process.

Why work with RarEdge?


Whether it’s the need to find one Senior executive or end-to-end Business process outsourcing, we realize that organizations require reliable and competent service providers. With our relentless focus, ingenuity and years of experience, we get the job done.

Breadth of offer
We are a complete business and recruitment solutions and services provider under one umbrella. Our expertise and capabilities to deliver across industries and sectors, across the country is what sets us apart.

Consistent delivery
Leveraging decades of experience in the industry, we are trusted to deliver consistently through the processes.


Long-term approach
We take a strategic approach in understanding partners’ requirements and work to offer solutions through the years.

Growth by tailored solutions
We understand each business and organization is different; so are its employee needs. Hence, we approach each and every client with a bespoke approach.

Our Core Values
Agile & Ethical ,Customer centric, Equal Opportunities Provider, On time Delivery ,Accountability, Passion

Partner with us and maintain competitive edge: connect with us now info@raredge.com