Recruitment Services

We undertake all recruitment services for our clients, so they can redirect valuable time to high value tasks and business vision

RarEdge is a specialist in recruitment services across sectors in India. Organizations recognize the importance of having the right employees in powering business growth. With our expertise in sourcing, screening, background verification and placement, we take on the complete responsibility of our clients’ human capital needs, so that our clients can focus on the larger vision for the business.

We source candidates with experience, skills and expertise synergetic with the partner’s business needs. At the same time, we ensure that professional candidates enhance their career choices when pursuing job openings. Our recruitment services span a gamut of assistance, from executive search to permanent placement, pre-screening to onboarding.

Our Process - we ensure that our clients meet only the best of the crowd; hence we go through thorough processes before our clients meet the candidates.

  • Understand client, organization, and business requirements
  • Assess competition and the skills desired
  • Source matching candidates, screen, interview and conduct skills test
  • Background verification and checks
  • Enable interviews with the selected candidates with clients
  • Process structured onboarding and due diligence

Executive search

One of the key challenges that organizations face is identifying and maintaining leadership potential - the right leaders with the right abilities, in the right roles. We help organizations recruit highly qualified and capable senior-level executives with remarkable track records.

Our strong points in executive search services: we are involved through the process and beyond. With over four decades of collective experience and stronghold in the jobs market, we provide competent, professional assistance in sourcing, interviewing, strategic planning of executive search, aligning executive search to organizational goals, through to post recruitment responsibilities by maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients. We implement a comprehensive services program for executive search keeping in mind the current needs of the organization.


  • Professionalism and business ethics
  • Confidentiality
  • Highly skilled research resources for executive-level search
  • Wide professional executive networks
  • Cross-sector experience
  • Proficiency in evaluative skills
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Knowledge of function-specific insights
  • Long-term strategic approach

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Background Screening

We understand the risks related to recruitment. RarEdge background screening services have been designed to efficiently address the various aspects of risk related to specific jobs in different industries. Background verification is a crucial part in our endeavor to assure genuinely qualified and suitable resources to our clients.

We conduct background checks that include: education verification, employment verification, address verification, criminal records verification, data verification, professional reference checks and document verification, covering all the important aspects of an individual candidate’s background.


  • Thorough know-how of background screening
  • Experienced team
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Timely delivery
  • High standard
  • Stringent information security process
  • Confidentiality
  • Ethical and professional
  • Strong network with related authorities

Our clients can be rest assured about the background of the candidates we provide. Get in touch with us for background verification services for your company.

Permanent Placement

With our permanent placement services, we provide individuals who match the job’s role profile, fit the company’s culture and have their career goals aligned to the company goals. Once we identify suitable candidates, we conduct through screenings, skills tests and preliminary interviews, which means our clients meet only the selected candidates from the huge lot.

Our search for candidates begins after understanding the client’s needs. We don’t just want to know what the client needs in a candidate. We want to know why the client needs that employee and the skill sets.

For the candidates, we only have success in mind, across a range of disciplines. We strive to look for opportunities that advance their careers, are stimulating and financially rewarding. We look for people who want to make a positive difference to their careers and to the organizations they work with.


  • Wide database of candidates
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Highly focused search
  • Thorough screening
  • Huge bandwidth for high-volume general staffing
  • Industry-specific experts across disciplines
  • Dedicated account managers for each client

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