Skills Development

The current challenge and dilemma, in a lot of industry sectors, is the ever-changing skills needed in order to stay competitive. Given that most of today’s in-demand skills didn’t even exist a few years ago, there is a premium on employees’ skills. Leveraging years of experience and expertise in the field of skills development for different industries, RarEdge provides the best skills development services across sectors.

Companies that are open to learning, upgrading skills and training their employees in developing new skills are able to react quickly to increased demands, changes in business climate and in expanding their portfolios to new products, services and processes. We provide collaborative learning services that are directed towards organizational and business goals for employers and individual career goals for employees.

Career counseling

We help candidates enhance their career development and meet their goals. We help candidates determine their strengths, interests and values and align them with the best available opportunities. Our gamut of career counseling services includes: personal career coaching, counseling, career planning and management, job search and related services.

Experiential learning

At the heart of all learning is the way we apply our learning through practice and the way we experience it. Our experiential learning services include developing knowledge, skills and aptitudes based on experience by involving direct and active experience. We make use of a number of tech and practice-based methods to ensure that the candidate makes the most of the learning process.

Lab-based situational learning

Apart from methods and processes, learning also depends on the place, context and culture where it occurs. As opposed to classroom or straightforward desk learning, we engage candidates in interactive lab-based situations where they experience life-like situations, decision-making circumstances and challenges to find solutions to.

Training, mentoring and coaching

We understand that each individual is different and has different abilities and skills. Every individual can have a unique skills need. We apply this knowledge and understanding to train, mentor and coach individuals for their required needs.From training and coaching to supervising performance.RarEdge is the guide and support to each individual’s unique needs.


  • Bespoke skills development services
  • Technology and practice-based learning methods
  • Lab-based learning experiences
  • Pool of expert trainers, mentors, counselors
  • Knowledge and services across skills
  • Comprehensive portfolio with latest skills

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