RarEdge – Temporary Staffing Services

We address the challenges of organizations’ needs for short-term, contract-based talent needs through RarEdge Temporary Staffing services.

RarEdge designs contract staffing solutions to meet the varied, specific needs of diverse clients. In today’s complex organizational and business needs, organizations might not always have all the resources they need. The need of targeted short-term help can arise with new projects, transitions and with the ever-expanding skills needs. This is when RarEdge brings in expertise to address the needs of specific resources through contract staffing.

RarEdge brings the right people, at the right time, for the right job, which ensures efficiency and above all, a competitive edge to the business.

RarEdge understands that organizations need to stay efficiently agile and adapt to the changing needs of scaling up or scaling down with the market needs. This is where RarEdge brings in expert staffing services – temporary staffing, long-term staffing, project staffing, temporary-to-permanent and contract staffing.


  • Access to the best talent
  • Thorough screening
  • Industry-specific experts
  • A consultative approach
  • Architect the right solutions
  • Quality over quantity
  • In-depth knowledge of contract staffing
  • Experience in multiple sectors across India
  • Large pool of resources networks
  • Providing 360 degree management services
  • Dedicated account managers

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